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Artex Test Kit



Our Artex test kit is developed to offer homeowners and tradespeople a safe and affordable solution to testing materials for asbestos.

All of our artex test kits come with simple, fully illustrated step-by-step instructions, HSE approved protective equipment and secure packaging to return your samples for testing at a government approved UKAS laboratory.

Around 25 years ago textured Artex ceilings were the type of interior design feature that you could have bragged to your neighbours about. However, today most of us can’t wait to get rid of it.

If you have just purchased an older property, Artex ceilings may contain asbestos so it is crucial you order an Artex test kit. You have absolutely no way of knowing unless you test.  You may feel like sanding them down or scraping the textured coating off but you must test it first. If you disturb it in any way, and it does contain asbestos, you will release deadly fibres into the air.

Asbestos is a group of minerals that occur naturally as bundles of fibers. These fibers are found in soil and rocks in many parts of the world. They are made mainly of silicon and oxygen, but they also contain other elements.ARTEX TEST KIT

Asbestos is not a single type of mineral — rather, it refers to a group of silicate minerals that share the same fibrous nature. In business terms, it was common to speak of common “white asbestos” (chrysotile) and the less often used “blue asbestos” (crocidolite) and “brown asbestos” (amosite).

There’s no cure for asbestosis once it has developed, as it’s not possible to reverse the damage to the lungs.

Bear in mind it isn’t so much the age of the ceiling you need to know but the age of the textured coating. The only way to be certain is by testing asbestos Artex. And an Artex test kit contains all the items you need to take samples.




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